why brides carry a bouquet tj bliss bouquet

We all love a wedding bouquet

There is no wedding without a stunning wedding bouquet complementing the the look of the bride.
But have you ever wondered why brides carry a bouquet in the first place?
 why brides carry a bouquet

First... what is a bouquet?

Not only is it a collection of beautiful florals bunched together to reflect the bride and her style, but an important piece of the wedding itself.


Ever-present in the bride’s hand (except for the ‘I do’ moment), it becomes a gorgeous part of her bridal outfit and, for fun, tossed into the crowd of single ladies for the ‘next’ bride (though did you know this tradition started as a way to distract guests from ripping the brides dress?... but that’s another story for later).


But where did the tradition of a bouquet come from and what purpose did it first serve?

 bride carry her based bouquet

It all started with the Romans...

The tradition has been noted as far back as the Greek and Roman Empires, where brides carried bouquets as a token of fertility and fidelity. They used florals more for their symbolic connotations rather than color.


In those days, the bouquets were made up of herbs and spices more than traditional florals – specially selected for their aphrodisiac properties.


A little dill, for a lot of lust, giving the newlyweds a little spring in the step towards their first night together as a married couple.


bride carrying a lavender bouquet

Then came the Medieval period...

Moving into the Middle Ages, bouquets started to take on a new purpose - to cover the smell of the bride.


In the days where bathing was a less frequent activity (once a year!), brides tended to carry pungent florals, herbs and spices as a way to perfume their bridal outfit, and auspiciously, also ward off evil spirits.


Lavender, dill and garlic were amongst the popular choices, driving away negative energy and any unwanted odors.


Then the Victorian Era...

The wedding bouquet as we know it today was first carried in the United Kingdom by Queen Victoria, during her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. She inspired brides after her to carry their personalized bunch of florals.
As carrying flowers became more popular during the ceremony, they became more associated with romance, with soft, love florals such as roses, peonies and tulips making a regular appearance.


Some brides used to select specific flowers to create a message to their groom, like writing poetry in florals – a secret message between the couple.

 bride with fabric bouquet

Now its more than just a bunch of blooms...

Today, the bouquet serves a more personal connection to the wedding. It is  a true reflection of the bride and her personality.
A centerpiece of the wedding that matches the creative wedding theme, bridal dress, the colors of the bridesmaid dresses and the wedding décor. The bouquet can be the key piece that ties it all together.
As a modern bride, you can be as creative as you wish, and create a bouquet as unique as you!


You can forgo the full floral look and instead incorporate other materials such as fabrics, feathers, paper, brooches, meaningful mementoes, and tokens from your personal life.
You can even think beyond the wedding, and create a true masterpiece that can be preserved or framed.... better yet, doesn't wilt.... as a memorable keepsake for years to come.


brooch bouquet


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